Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hip Op

SO I had my hip op done on Tuesday, I guess the op took a little longer than expected, the damage, a little more than what they thought but the doc went in and shaved the bone where he needed to and then repaired the cartilage lining where it had been grinded away. I'll only know in a couple months if the repair was a success, but for now it's just a matter of following the doc's orders, doing my exercises they've given me and taking it easy. Not the easiest for me as I dig to move around a lot but I guess I really should just take advantage of the time off. I must say I have been blessed with an amazing wife who is taking unbelievable care of me, she really is making this easy on me!

So it's crutches for a month, I hope, but then into a full on rehab program to obviously strengthen the muscle around the hip and get me back in the water... It's quite a catch 22 situation that I've had with this hip. I was born with slightly different hips to most people, where my spacing between my femur and the hip joint is quite large, which obviously allowed me to be pretty supple. But because of this large spacing, the hip problem was only picked up much later than a normal case, and so a lot of damage had been done already. Saying that, I did get to enjoy a full international career, I've had the op done now and hopefully I'll be back in the water sooner than later and snagging a barrel or two.

So make sure you get your wave count up now cause when I get back in the water after my time out, I'm pretty certain I'm going to be more frothed out to surf than a 12 yr old kid....



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  1. "So make sure you get your wave count up now" - I sense an allusion to hassling the less (or least) talented surfers like me.
    Well, don't be so confident yet. "I was born with slightly different hips to most people, ... , which obviously allowed me to be pretty supple". Now that they fixed your hip and have maybe decreased your suppless, you might end up with a new pooman style which would make any kind of hassling VERY hard.
    No worry, I'll let you catch some of my waves ;-)

    More seriously now, I read somewhere that you released a surfing movie called "Ignite" a couple years back. Is there any way I can get hold of it, I really want to check it out.