Monday, January 31, 2011

Surfing again...

So it's been exactly 12 weeks since I went under the knife for my hip and I just the ALl Clear to start surfing again. SO SToked!!!! It's definitely been a long stint out the water, actually equals the longest I'd had in the past when i broke my leg surfing a 2 ft dairy bowl back when I was 15. But I'm frothing to get back in now, a little apprehensive cause after an injury you always thinking about your hip or what ever you injured, when you start surfing again but hopefully all goes smoothly.

The Oakley One Wave Wonder officially opens today too which is a really good concept on Oakley's part, handing out cash for the best wave each month until June and then the best wave of the 5 months gets an added cash prize at the end! I'm sure there's going to be a lot of entries submitted so pretty amped to check what all the boys come up with!

Looking forward to getting back in the line up and hopefully get a few good waves again...

See ya



  1. Hi Dave,

    Greeting from Slaapstad!, Hope your recoveries are going smoothly:)

    Ive been diagnosed with the same hip issue as you, and will also need to go in for an op.
    I'm sure the cause is the same - years of like to pick you brain if you dont mind:)

    can you please drop me a mail at